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Why join US?

We help agencies grow in order to stay competitive in the insurance industry and perpetuate their business. For small agencies, larger market share is challenging to achieve. However, the Armada cluster can help agencies grow by way of commissions, contingents, and carrier programs that are designed to attract prospective niche audiences.

We grant members access to carriers with select product lines and sufficient premium volumes, as the Armada group provides a single point of contact for many insurance carrier marketing representatives. This allows agents to work with a variety of carriers to meet premium volume goals in a mutually cost-effective way.

Members acquire diverse skill sets in sales and marketing through collaboration and knowledge-sharing, allowing them to be more flexible and competent when managing their agency's financial assets.  

All members demonstrate proficiency in all areas of business, including finance, personnel, product knowledge, marketing, and management. Members are also hardworking, responsive, courteous, and resourceful. You will always learn something new and have a pleasant experience with us.

All agencies in the Armada are strategically located around the Upstate New York area, meaning we are knowledgeable of local communities and can assist members with operating profitable business.



Billy Martin

Senior Marketing Manager

Plymouth Rock Assurance

They keep me informed on changes within the industry, push for production, and provide great feedback about my company’s products, which helps me do my job better.

Marcus Reidell
Former Regional Sales Director
Travelers Insurance

I have always found the member agencies to be professional, trustworthy and good business partners. I placed my own personal insurance with them, need I say more?

Michael Cassella
Senior Marketing Manager
Plymouth Rock Assurance

Strong agency partnerships are vital to our company’s future. It has been a pleasure doing business with The Armada Group for over 15 years and counting!

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