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Armada is a cluster group of insurance agencies located in Upstate New York that strives to lead in ethical standards and business practices. Our members share a dedication to the industry along with a great camaraderie and level of respect for each other based upon their high ethics that contribute to mutual success. These values are reflected in all of our member agencies from the way they write business to the staff they build.

Nonetheless, the Armada Group respects your independence and takes no ownership in any member agency, codes, or books of business.

By creating a cluster group of successful agencies that understand and respect these values, we create unparalleled leverage.



What are the real benefits of being a member of the Armada cluster group? You have access to strong relationships with various carriers, and the combined experience of our members. Within Armada, professionals share knowledge and support one another to help strengthen relationships with carriers, and to better serve their policyholders, which ultimately helps to increase profits.

With Armada, you have opportunity to:

  • Tap into diverse ideas for problem-solving

  • Aggregate premiums and obtain greater compensation packages with our various carrier relationships

  • Network with highly responsive members benefiting from their combined years of experience — most emails are answered within an hour

  • Create and utilize already-existing mutually beneficial relationships with company reps to potentially gain access to markets

Armada’s members contribute more than their 300+ combined years of insurance experience. Our agencies are all based in New York, giving us localized and specialized knowledge of the industry. Members are non-competitive and and respect each others’ territory.




If you know insurance, you know that it’s a connective industry that relies heavily on interactions between agents and insurance companies. We believe strongly in fostering mutually beneficial relationships between agents and insurance companies. Armada works hard to extend the sincerity and unity that holds our cluster group together to our partners. We don’t just interact with companies and their representatives on a surface level - we create an inclusive community for them to work with us in.

Our cluster group is highly appreciative of the relationships that company representatives foster between companies and agencies. Armada regularly holds an annual outing to thank its  partners for their hard work and contributions. The event varies from year to year, but our partners will tell you themselves - Armada has a lot to offer and is a great cluster to work with. 


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