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Are you looking to...

merge or partner with another insurance agency?

sell your insurance agency?

sell a book of business? 


If the answer is yes to any of those questions, members of the Armada Group would love to take the opportunity to discuss merging with or acquiring your business. First, we'll need some information about your business (e.g., insurance carriers, references, agency history, etc.) to find you the best partner or buyer. If interested, please fill out our application below.

Is an Armada Group member the right partner or buyer for you?

Individually, the Armada Group members have established reputable independent insurance agencies spread throughout Upstate New York. Our agencies' success is due to the many benefits of being a member of the Armada cluster, such as collaboration and shared knowledge. Our members are also extremely experienced with a collective 200+ years in the insurance industry. You can depend on any one of us to take care of your clients with professionalism, integrity, and superior customer service, as these values are of paramount importance to our agencies. Just ask our partners if you don't believe us!

"We have worked with the Armada Group for over 10 years, and some of the individual agencies for almost 40 years. This is a very reputable group of insurance professionals that work to make their goals year in and year out, and also are extremely knowledgeable in all areas of insurance. The independent agents that make up this group, are the agents that I would refer a friend to for their insurance."

- LeeAnn VanParys | Business Development Executive, NGM Insurance Company

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Keep in mind that the Armada's agencies are located throughout Upstate New York. However, if you operate your business elsewhere or your agency/book of business is deemed incompatible with our members' agencies, we still may be able to find you a suitable partner/buyer through our connections in the insurance industry across the nation.

To request a merger or acquisition, please complete our secure form below. Astated in our mutual non-disclosure agreement (included in the form), the information you provide will be confidential and will only be shared with the Armada Group for review purposes. We will respond within 7 days. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Note: Before you begin the online application, make sure your internet connection is strong and reliable, since our server does not automatically save your form in progress, meaning we cannot our store any of your data until you press "Submit" at the end of the application. To prevent lost progress, we recommend manually pressing "Save" after completing a significant portion and following the saving instructions when prompted.

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